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17 square nail inspiration nail designs

Nail art can be done in millions of different ways depending upon the size and shape of your nail. So if you are having Square Nails┬álet’s draw some inspiration to decorate them

Gorgeous designs that you can always try despite your busy schedule

Square Nails Inspiration

A particular design looks best only when it is chosen according to the nail shape and length. The exact nature of a particular nail art comes out well only if it has suitability for the nail shape and design. So let’s know about those 17 awesome designs that can be picked up by you adore your nailsSquare Nails Inspiration

1.Mermaid square nails

The mermaid design is totally in because of the glittery combination it has. It is just suitable for the long length square nails.

2.Nude glittery long nails

Nude nails perfectly match any type of person, especially after one is done with makeup and outfit. A romantic date, work or a special occasion, you can never go wrong with the elegant design experimented with a Nude Nail paint.

3. 3D flowers

The blue and golden 3D nail flower design is something that you can always front. The aquamarine combination along with 3D flowers over it looks really cute.

4.White and black diamonds

The white and black diamonds look sleek and elegant on long nails. The Diamond prints are just perfect when you go out for a date on a casual hang out with friends.

5.Pink short nails

The one color design using pink gel paint gives a feminine and simple effect.

6.Marble nails

Those perfect square shaped nails look really exaggerated when you have to go out for a romantic dinner party with your partner.

7.French tip

French tip is forever in and hence you can never go wrong with it. The square shaped nails having French tip and rhinestones stones over them look stunningly gorgeous.

8.Nude dandelion

The cute and elegant dandelion look elegant always.

9.Aztec square nails

The tribal look of the nails is the result of colorful Aztec square nails.

10.French nails

4th July is a perfect day to symbolize your love for the country by perfectly doing a French tip decoration over your nails.

11.Hand-painted pink design

The unique and beautiful hand painted nail look casual and subtle.

12.Grey nails

The combination of silver and grey is a Radiant one. You can always wear it out on a party.

13.Black and white nail

Using white acrylic nail paint, do some tree kind of Designing by showing your creativity.

14.Peach nails

Peach nails look really exaggerated when you complete them with fairy dust and some rhinestones. They are simply amazing for proms and weddings. Furthermore, you can go for 3D crystal nail paint to simulate the look.

15.Elegant violet and black nails

A perfect thing to look sophisticated is violet and black Nail Paint on a square nail.

16.Yellow French tips

The summer is incomplete without a bright yellow French tip nail art.

17.Marilyn Monroe design

Creating an imprint of Marilyn Monroe on a white base nail paint to showcase her beauty and charming personality.

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