BEST SOLAR NAILS A to Z GUIDE: Solar Nails simply an old brand of acrylic nails which are made by CND (Creative Nail Design) back in the early era of Artificial nails. No matter whatever they call Simply, Liquid + powder=acrylic. Solar nails are commonly said to be cheaper, stronger and long lasting than acrylic nails. Generally, these are the upgraded version of the Acrylic nails that have sent the Acrylic nails straight out of business and into the past.  Sometimes many people get confused about what solar nails are? Because different nail salons use pink and white acrylic as “Solar nails” to refer to different products and techniques.



BEST SOLAR NAILS A to Z GUIDE | What is Acrylic?

Polymethyl methacrylate is a liquid and powder mixed together that hardens the nail which is referred to as Acrylic. It is important to note that most of the salons assert that acrylic nails and solar nails are two different products but that is a not technically true. Any kind of nail art which uses the Creative Nail design can be called as a Solar Nail. In some cases “solar” and “pink” and “white” terms refer to extensions like these are white pieces of hard acrylic plastic that are attached to the tip of the nail. The gap between the cuticle and the tip is filled with mixed acrylic and powder which looks pink in color. Next, the technician coats the entire nail for a finished look.

The Myth of solar nails

In the 1970’s when the Nail Industry was unregulated and the of the technicians used MMA from dental supply houses to form Acrylic nails. One day in the late 1970’s a patient of Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, a dentist from California, claimed that the product he was using as a temporary caps for her teeth smelled like the product he was using on her nails. Back then it was called Porcelain nails instead of Acrylic nails. This ignited Dr.Nordostorm to develop the first Acrylic nail product framed to be thin, non-yellowing and strong Solar Nail. This lead to the establishment of his company “CREATIVE NAIL DESIGN” in 1979.

Till then CND has initiated and produced better and stronger products and the original Solar Nail Liquid was discontinued. Howbeit, Radical Solar Nail –a much-improved version of the Original Solar Nail Liquid –still exists.”Solar Nail” remains a brand name of CND. On the Sly 1980’s solar name became compatible with Pink and White French Acrylic nails due to marketing campaign was done by Creative Nail Design. The market proposed that Solar nails are efficient than the Acrylic nails since they are framed specifically for nails. From then till today salons still, advertise “Soar Nails” are better than acrylic nails. Unfortunately, CND’s marketing works so well to this day, there are many people who believe that Solar Nail is completely different from Acrylic Nail.

What is the difference between solar nails and Acrylic nails?

The main difference between acrylic and solar nails is:

  • Their application in gel form on the nail. In Solar nails, it’s applied directly to your nails whereas in acrylic nails require fake extensions.
  • The solar method is considered to be the most efficient and beneficial because there is no chance of accidental damage to ripping off your natural nail. Generally, application of synthetic products to your nails can cause damage and dehydration of nail beds. So expert hands are required for this method of solar nails.
  • Refilling of Acrylic nails can be done for every two weeks whereas solar nails can be refilled for three weeks since they don’t chip or lift-off.
  • Solar nails look natural.Though the initial cost of solar nails is high, we can save money in long run. Acrylic nails are quite expensive and popular

What is Pink and White?

Pink and White nails commonly referred as French tips that consist of white tips on a pink nail base. This is achieved by adding a plastic tip or sculpting one to the nail and covering it with acrylic powder or gel.

Benefits: Strong, durable, luxurious, natural look, not –chipping, refined shape.

How long do solar nails last?

  • The first and foremost advantage of the solar nail is its refill feature. Solar nails can be refilled after three weeks because they are non-chipping whereas acrylic needs replacing at intervals of two weeks.

What is the powder used for gel nails?

According to Nancy Eagan, CEO of Bella Reina Spa, the application technique particularly goes wrong like this: Initially, one coat of a sticky gel polish is applied to the nails. Then they are dipped in powder and sometimes, cured under a UV or LED light.

How to remove the solar nails?

The method of removing solar nails is the same as taking off acrylic extensions. This can be done simply by dipping their fingertips in a bowl of chemical while some others prefer to soak cotton balls or clothes and place them over the nails and wrap the fingertips in aluminum foil to make the cloth stay in place.  Once the acrylic is soft the wearer uses a cloth or a cosmetic pad to wipe off the nail. This method can be speeded up by using a scrubbing brush. Finally, the hands should be cleaned to remove any residues or chemical smell.


Advantages of Solar Nails:

  • The problem of tip coming off the nail in extension based acrylic can be overcome with solar nails. Solar nails don’t wipe off because they are the real nail coated simply with acrylic.
  • Durable, non-chipping, natural look.
  • By the application of healthy nail products like Cuticle Oil gives them a glossy look.
  • The tendency to turn yellow over time, particularly when a person goes for tan or in sun can be overcome by using a high-quality acrylic.
  • These nails don’t require often filings, even though they are expensive initially, they end with more economical over an extended period.

Disadvantages of Solar Nails:

  • Filling, removing and touch up requires a technician to give some degree of strength and protection otherwise it leads to bacterial or fungal infections.
  • Though the removal process is simple, it is time-consuming.
  • Exposure of wearer to chemicals can be hazardous to health.
  • Pregnant women and nursing should be careful with removal products.

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