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Crackle Nails is a nail polish trend that cropped in 2012. Crackle nail polish shrinks as it dries, which gives it a shattered. While it applied to a top coat of colored nail polish, it appears to shrink, cracks and reveal the layer of nail polish underneath. If the cracked layer color is different than the base layer, then the result will have appeared as a two-toned pattern. There are ways to create a Crackle Nail with different kind of textures with any attractive color

  Types of Crackle Nail Polish

  • All in one

Formulated with a base coat and top coat in the polish.

  • Growth Enhancing

It is produced with ingredients that promote nail growth

  • Long Lasting

It is manufactured to increase the resistance to chipping and fading.

  • Strength Enhancing

It increases the nail rigidity

  • Quick Drying

Usually dries completely within 60 seconds.

   How to Use Crackle Nails Polish



  • Remove Existing Nail Polish

Before applying the process of using crackle nail polish, make sure that nails are clean and dry. Use Nail polish remover to remove existing nail polish. Wash the hands properly to remove all chemicals from nails. Then trim off any dead skin around the nails so that polish does not end up on the skin.

  • Apply Base Coat of Nail Polish

Now the process begins, apply the first coat of nails and dry it completely. If you put crackle nails polish on the wet base coat then it can cause the crackle to bond to the wet polish and track it as well. Some people put more than one layer of base coat depending on color. If it has light color then it requires more coats.For looking attractive nails, it is recommended to use highly contrasting color from the crackle nail polish.

  • Apply Crackle Nail Polish

Now it’s time to apply the Crackle Nail Polish after completely drying of base coat. Make sure that base coat is completely dried by the time of apply crackle polish, otherwise it will mix up with crackle nail polish and will have a goopy mess on the brush. Over the top of base coat to get a thinner cracked patterns, put on a thin coat of the crackle polish delicate cracks. If you want a big, dramatic cracks then you can apply a thicker layer with significant and bold cracks. Crackle polish typically dries really fast, so be sure to apply it as fast as possible.

Depending on the brand of Crackle nail polish, the cracks can begin to form an immediately or take several minutes. Generally, there are three layers of polish on the nails by the crackle is on, and polish takes the time to dry with each new layer.

  Science with Crackle Nail Polish

Beautiful Crackle Nails

Generally, in regular nail polish Ethanol is added. The nail polish with rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly when exposed to air because of its lower boiling point due to weaker chemical bonds. But typically your nail polish formula should not be vicious and to dry slowly to create layers of color. Wherever in Crackle Nail Polishethanol underlines the pigment polish layer, and the nail polish layer dries very rapidly and shrink. And this creates a cracked style look.

Final words:

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