Difference between Solar Nails and Acrylic Nails – Solar Nails VS Acrylic Nails

Solar nails Vs Acrylic nails both are identical to each other this proves practically but they cause some confusion to the people the composition and the properties of both nails are same but some of the people are not aware of the solar nails when the product introduced first, solar nails are in the format of color pink and white colors.

Solar Nails:

These nails are fragrance-free and more flexible to manicure than the acrylic they cure under the UV lamp after they applied it is in the form of the gel solar nails little more expensivesolar nails

Acrylic nails:

These nails contain the compound called polymethylmethacrylate, it is available in the powder polymer and liquid monomer format the both are combined to form a protective layer if it exposes to air it becomes a very hard. Acrylic nails are low on costacrylic nails

Varies between solar nails and acrylic nails:

They proved practically as similar to each other. Solar nails are not discolored at the time of the tanning but nothing to fear that you are very lucky to have solar nails it has better shining than the acrylic nails.

It can apply easily without any issues to your original nails it is not an easy to cut the nails without going to salon if the acrylic nails completely dry you have to consult the nail technician to fill the gaps between the nails and the cuticle most of the salons use the French salon technique Hollywood actors use this technique frequently

How to remove the acrylic nails:

Things to remove the acrylic nails:

  1. Acetone
  2. Cotton balls
  3. Aluminum strips
  4. Nail file.


  1. Buckle the nail:

Trim the tip of your nail by using the cutter but make sure that nail bed will not break it will lead to bleed if the thickness of the nail is high use the coarse nail to file the acrylic nail.

  1. File your nails:

Use the file grained buffer first to remove the acrylic and erase the acrylic as much as possible.

  1. Fill the acetone in one bowl:

Take one bowl and pour the acetone in it remove as much of acrylic as possible use buffer tools to file the acrylic nail file the acrylic until it becomes thin. Don’t light the cigars near to acetone bowls.

  1. Keep petroleum at the tips of your nails:

Acetone is having a plastic material to keep secure your nails from plastic use the petrol apply the petrol to hands to remove the acetone from your nails.

  1. keep the cotton balls at our fingertips:

keep your fingers inside the cotton ball to secure from the acetone and make sure that acetone will sometimes give harm to us so be careful while keeping that.

  1. Remove the cotton balls from nail tip:

The cotton ball from the nail will come easily without any difficulties use the orange stick to pry your nails neatly if some amount of acrylic is stuck your nails repeat the process for more 20 minutes and remove them again.

  1. Use the nail buffer to scarp your nails:

By using these nail buffer the acetone will remove completely from your nails and keep you’re away from any dust particles if acrylic keeps you harden again use the cotton ball to remove it again and dampen it.

  1. Moisture your nails:

Acetone causes dry to the skin so rub your hands with soap and water and apply olive oil or moisture creams to the skin.