DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover without Breaking the Bank

DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover without Breaking the Bank Ok, so you recently tried gel manicure and flaunted it for two whole weeks. Long looking nails having gel nail paint all over them look really exaggerating. It doesn’t need you to visit parlor and yet get that kinky look which speaks a lot on your behalf.

DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover

So after you have enjoyed the gel manicure for quite a long time, you want to get rid of it without breaking the bank. Let’s know those easy and doable steps which can help you to remove the gel nail polish on your own

Glitter nail filing technique:

Don’t go for something gentle or soft when you have to get rid of strong gel base layers of nail polish from your nails. There is several gel layers that you need to file to get back your actual nail finally. Don’t be scared of scraping off your nail with the Sandpaper or a filer, and nothing is going to happen to your nails, relax.

DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover

The next step:

So the next step is to grab a pure Acetone and a cotton ball and to rub it all over the nails thoroughly. Generously Paul II in the Cotton ball so that the removal becomes speedy. Remember if you don’t pour enough acetone on those round balls, scraping off the gel nail polish is going to consume a lot of time.

Do the intelligent way:

Another way of scraping off gel nail polish from your nails is by dabbing ten cotton balls and placing each over your fingernail along with covering it up with an aluminum foil. Finally, you will be getting super dexterous looking nails which will be free from the hard gel based nail paint at once.

The only thing you that you need to do after covering up your nails with cotton and Aluminum foil is to check them after 30 minutes. Make sure that the nail polish is flaking off in the correct way. If it is not working, you can give it a little post by pushing of the nail bed to and fro gently. Repeat the process once again and keep sliding it forward and backward to scrape off the Residue from your nails.

DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover

The last method:-

If you don’t have aluminum foils cotton balls on the spot, you still have a chance of removing the gel nail polish without visiting a parlor. Simply visit your kitchen and grab a bowl. Fill a large sized bowl with some warm water and pour Little Acetone in it. Acetone is quite flammable; hence you shouldn’t heat it on stove or microwave. Allow the solution to warm.

Subsequently Buff the nail surface with a file and place your hands inside the Acetone solution so that the gels gradually get soaked in the water. Right after 15 minutes, you will notice that the nails are becoming cleaner and the gel is becoming loose. You can take an orangewood stick to fasten the removal process. Finish the process by applying a generous amount of cuticle oil and honey cream.

Final words:

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