Easy & Pretty Snowflake Nails Tutorial | Nail Designs

Easy & Pretty Snowflake Nails Tutorial | Nail Designs

Snowflake nail art is a perfect art form for using it for your nails in the festive season of winter. You can simply add winter sparkle to your nails and deck out all of your 10 fingertips with amazing glitters and white snowflake designs.Snow flake nails

Nail art has now become a trend and a symbol of fashion which is most preferably done by a huge number of ladies on different festive seasons rather than using normal nail paint. The best part about the nail art is that you can well decorate your nails according to the occasion you are going to celebrate with sparkling and vibrant colors.

Vibrant nail art adds more in enhancing your look more so that you could feel like a Diva. It needs to have a great dedication and keen interest for choosing the art as a profession. Moreover, it also requires patience and precision for going far in the business.

Perfect combinations of colors along with clear and clean designing are the first priority which can add more in the creation of an artist.snowflake nails

As the winter festive season is coming, most of the ladies want to bring the spirit of festivals as a reflection in their nail art, whether it is Halloween, Diwali or Christmas. Most of the ladies go for the choice of snowflake nail art for the Christmas.

What could be the better choice in nail art for Christmas than the snowflakes? Here, we are going to provide you best crispy and cool winter nail art designs along with the requirements and procedure for creating them which will surely help you a lot in enhancing the beauty of your nails.


The main things that we require for going further with the nail art are: –

  • A base color; you may preferably go with the option of choosing some vibrant colors like red, blue for the festive season.
  • White nail paint or acrylic paint
  • Brush or nail art pen
  • Optional glitter nail paint
  • Transparent nail paint for top coatsnowflake nails

Steps to follow for Snowflake Nails art

Snowflake nail art is one of the simplest forms of nail art which you can easily do by yourself. The only things you need to have are keen interest and precise designs. Just follow the steps provided and get your nail art by your own.

  • Choose a base color for your nail art accordingly to the festive season (like blue or red) and let it dry.
  • Once done; design snowflakes by painting simple X as bigger one in addition to some other smaller ones with white color nail paint representing like an exact snowflake.snow flake nails
  • In case if you want to go for the use of glitter colors, you can easily go along with them. They will add more to the beauty of your nails.
  • Once the different coatings get completely dried; add transparent nail paint as a top coat which enhances the beauty of your nail art more and provides it the finishing touch.

Final Words:

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