Glamorous Christmas Nail Art Tutorial Perfect For The Season

Glamorous nail art tutorial effect for Christmas

Nail art is always followed by the ones you have interest in good looks and personality stimulation. There are tons of nail art ideas for the Christmas season. Let’s grab out some of them to get that sophisticated and artistic appearance – Christmas Nail Art ┬áis a must create for all the nail art lovers

Christmas Nails Simple

There is a specific nail art for every event, occasion, festival, day and requirement. You just have to go through some guidelines and ideas to draw some amazing designs that a very simple and kinky. Just a few bottles of nail paint used together can give a flamboyant look to your personality. And the best part is that while doing the nail art, you can make the use of those particular nail colors which you accidentally bought and do not feel like using anymore.Christmas Nails Acrylic

As soon as a Christmas season approaches, we all love to decorate our homes with tiny stuff, Christmas tree and all sorts of tinsels. One of my favorite Christmas activities is to dress up in the best possible way. I don’t care how busy my schedule is, I always take out sufficient time to accomplish my look with beautiful nail art and outfit. My idea of nail art is definitely going to catch your heart and inspire you to do the same –Christmas Nail Ornament

Steps 1

Based paint –

paint your ring finger in the yellowish green nail paint. Doing this shall make you ready to pop out the actual design you are going to do over your nails.

Step 2

zigzag –

It’s time to create a Christmas tree and you don’t have to be a Picasso for that. Just Grab a sharp tool and create a normal zigzag starting from the topmost point of your nail and continuing it until the end.

Step 3

starts –

Christmas tree is always blinking and so should your nail art. Place a star right at the top of the Christmas tree along with some circular studs to bring out the glamorous look.

Step 4

Transparent nail paint –

so the end step is to apply a transparent nail paint to protect the nail art done. Applying a transparent nail fluid adds Shine and lets them last for several days.

Step 5


pamper the rest of your nails with a Matte top coat. Just a single stroke of Matte top coat on green nail paint and you are all done.

Don’t you think that Christmas nail art looks much better than rest of all the nail art put together? Such a nail art is just a perfect in for the ones who don’t like to go for something bold and dark.

The best part about Christmas nail art is that you don’t have to take out much time to prepare your nails. Just a base coat, a green paint few stars and stunts and silver nail paint and you are all set to go bragging around. By following the above simple steps, you can simply make art nail in an easy manner.

Final Words:

I hope you all are like this article if you need any information please comment in below comment section.