How to Get Almond Nails Step by Step Tutorial

Hello Guys, You may be thinking that you cannot grow up your nails or make it long. So here we are to take care of your beauty of nails. We are going to tell you that How to Get Almond Nails and its Step by Step Tutorials. For the people who constantly use their hands for various activities and during that may get in the way break off in the process.I believe almond nails which give best shape to the long nails at a reasonable length. You can even grow your nails enough to shape your actual nails although you can also create the shape using acrylic powder.

How to Get Almond Nails

You can find a detail about To Get Almond Nails Step by Step Tutorials by Acrylic nails. When you have brittle nails and you want to give various shape to your nail then you must go for Acrylic nails. Because they are sturdy and chances for breaking down are very less.
Gel nail polish lasts too much longer than a regular nail polish. It shines whole time. The main advantage of gel nail polish is that it makes weak nails so much stronger by adding an extra layer. Gel nail polish Apply to get Almond Nails.
How to Get Almond Nails while it breaking down, then apply Cuticle nail oil which helps to make it grow out, stronger and healthy. Keep it on nails every night before sleep to making nails stronger and prevent breakage.

How to Get Almond Nails | Step by Step Tutorials

How to Get Almond Nails
Step 1: Shape Almond Nails with Nail Form

If nail polish left on nails then wipe it off with nail polish remover. If it’s an acrylic nail art, you can drill it down until it’s thin enough for a new layer. To get the proper shape for your almond nails, attach a nail form to your finger. Using a small acrylic bead start sculpting the nail into a shape you want. An almond has a rounded and a cone-shaped top, so keep that in mind while applying and shaping the acrylic bead. After that, you can drill and fill it to get the right shape.

Step 2: Pinch It into Shape

Like the Stiletto nails, almond nails need to be pinched on the sides while it dries which helps to keep the sides of nails to be properly pinched and curved.
Step 3: Drill down the Shape

How to Get Almond Nails

Using the electric nail drill start shaping the dried and pinched acrylic nails. Start from the top of the nail bed down to the nail edges.

Step 4: File Nail to Perfection

After drilling down the nails to the perfect almond shape, use the nail file to smoothen the nail bed and edges. Be careful while drilling, don’t let it become too sharp and pointed.

Step 5: Top Coat

After drilling, wash it out or wipe down with lint-free wipes. After cleaning, apply a base or top coat to strengthen the nails. You can also apply a different shade of polish of acrylic powder and also can apply cuticle oil to nourish the real nails under the acrylic.

Types of Nail Shapes

  1. Round Shaped Nails

  2. Oval Shaped Nails

  3. Square Shaped Nails

  4. Squoval Shaped Nails

  5. Almond Shaped Nails

  6. Stiletto Shaped Nails

  7. Ballerina Shaped Nails

How to Get Almond Nails
How to Get Almond Nails is the question to all who has short fingers. Almond Nails are much like as the oval shape, but it’s pointed at the top. These are wide at the base and slender along the sides. It takes the appearance of actual almond. To get almond nails, find the center spot at the nail and shape both sides so that it makes peak at the center point. Then smoothed it out, so that there are not any sharp edges and gives almond-like shape. Almond Nails are best suited for short fingers.

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