How to Remove Gel Nails

Gel nails are long lasting, if you apply your nails, it looks like real nails. The majority of people visit the salon to remove gel nails by spending more money. But you may invest some time instead of your money. By the home its self you can remove your gel nails very easily without any pain to your nails. Here, you can come to know below two methods how to remove gel nails.

Soaking of the Gel Nail:

In this method, we have four steps have to follow:

Step 1:

First, you have to take two bowls, in one bowl take warm water and in another bowl filled with acetone. Acetone is an organic compound (chemical), which reacts with the gel nails to remove its adhesive property and free it from your natural nails. In order to remove gel nails, you need pure acetone.

Next, take a plastic wrap or foil and cover the bowl with that foil. To tighten that foil use rubber band and then keep an acetone bowl in a warm water bowl. Keep that bowl up to 3-5 minutes after that keep aside acetone bowl. Take care while doing this process because acetone is flammable so keep it away from heating sources.

Step 2:

After that, you have to take that acetone jelly and apply to your nail edges around. While applying take more care of your skin around your nails. Acetone has the property to dry out the skin. Don’t apply jelly with the hands directly use a cotton swab for apply to your nails. Don’t apply more jelly on your nails.

Step 3:

Next, you have to wrap your nails with the aluminum foil to fix it in place. You can apply it for your remaining nails. Soak that nails up to 30 minutes with acetone jelly.

You can dip your nails straight into the acetone bowl directly instead of covering and using cotton balls. This process won’t take more than 30 minutes.

Step 4:

At last, you have to remove the aluminum foil and cotton balls. First, remove for one nail to check whether the gel right off from your nail or not and then proceed for remaining nails. If the gel is not come off from your nail then again replace acetone gel and cotton balls until it right off from your nail.

Step 5:

Finally, you have to get your natural nails you have shaped your nails with a nail file and remove rough edges with a nail buffer. After that, you have to apply lotion or cosmetic oil on your nails.

Falling Off the Nail Gel:

Beautiful Gel Nails

  • In this method, you don’t want to use any chemical powders or liquids. First, you have to trim your nails as short as possible. If it is not possible to cut with a nail clipper use a course file to trim them down. Sometimes the nails are thick to file them down. The filing process may take more time.
  • This process may damage your natural nails. First, clean the dust underneath of your nails then you can know how much the gel nail should be on your natural nail.
  • Finally, you have to do after filing your gel nails that are you have to use a buffer to soften the surface of your nails. Use moisturizer to your nails and hands to get moisturized. After completion of this method, you have to up to one week to apply gel again.

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Peeling Off the Nail Gels:

How to Remove Gel Nails

  • In this method, you don’t want to do anything wait until the nails are chipped off. After that wait up to one week or two weeks until chip off, it is the best way until they start to peel them yourself. Then you can reduce the damage to the surface of your natural nails.
  • After coming off the gel insert a cuticle stick under the surface of gel nails. Work with the cuticle stick slightly raised around the edges of gel. If you dig it too hard under the gel, you may damage your natural nail.
  • Peel it until the gel is come off on your natural nail. Repeat this process for your remaining nails. If you feel it is tough to peel choose another method to remove your gel nails.
  • Finally, you have to apply lotion or oil to your nails and hand to get back to your natural nails. Up to one week, you don’t have a chance to apply gel to your nails.

Final words:

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