Most Popular Coffin Nail Designs To Try Yourself | Coffin Nails

Coffin Nail Designs another word called as Ballerina Nails it’s very popular in olden days like 90’s and still also these name very popular.

This is attractive special fingernails shape often people in a coffin. However, its seen like good attractive.

The shape also perfect coffin shape and also you need maintain long nails. Ballerina is not good impressive on short nails, however, it is still doing like that sometimes.

we are offering some fun facing task in this look a great variety of Coffin Nail Designs its one of the inspire some new thing.

  1. Glossy lilac

These type of nails called coffin Nails in this choose any one of colors. Glossy lilac is a great way to put nails paint fingers.

  1. Matte black

Its shapes using black color its looks very interesting However use black colors your fingernails to look gloomy, black make good look to match any color.

  1. 3D designs

Crystals its looks like festive especially and design also you learn how to make different types of designs create something extraordinary.

  1. Indian club

It makes impress Indian club out of coffin nails your friends see your designs they heck .this type of design creates using triangular Rhinestones and arranging them coffin nails.

  1. Transparent designs

This Greater opportunity to Ballerina fingernails to do experiment with black colors. Once tried to design simple black nails after creating transparent designs at the time they look natural nails.

  1. Violet and clear

If you choose violet colors to design purpose but still you want to do some experiment with black leaves couple of nails clear designs. This is to draw some random lines and create a simple pattern.

  1. Triangular tips

Its looks impress on square-tripped coffin never go wrong with such outline for your French manicure. It considers light pink base and simple white tips.

  1. Clear middle

Triangular tips well know designing. But In the middle of nails take this option sample for next manicure.

  1. Regal manicure

Hands look posh and regal you choose for complicated design.Burgundy nails with golden crystals will make hands looks good same like go all out with same design middle fingers.

  1. Match your jewellery

Jewelry wearing time also chooses a related design of your nails important to remember manicure easily match it and also extra crystals and rhinestones to make look like one of your favorite accessories.

  1. Renaissance nails

These types of nails are great pieces of art. so why not you make nails look like one in this we consider voluminous 3D designs and bright red rhinestones on red and matte nails looks like after seeing anyone impress.

  1. Creative glitter

You choose these types glittery coffin nails but don’t want to your manicure to waiting too much first go for one glittery nail and another nail with glittery tip. The rest of others will be painted with pink and white or violet colors.

  1. Burgundy extravaganza

It is easy to do they are long enough. if you choose nails to look regal and extravagant. Coffin fingernails pain burgundy color and add extra crystals one or two of them. if you find burgundy rhinestone manicure will look more impressive.

  1. White and blue

These colors are always a great idea for any shape of nails. first, choose dark blue and shiny white polish and apply same large crystals and thin your own ideas crystal patterns.

  1. Natural nails

Natural nails you need do some work at the time your nails look natural nails select color light pink and matte white nail lacquer to apply on the nails end tips. These ways your nails look natural yet stylish.

  1. Black and red mix

The nails designed use this Mixing black and a red color is a loose option.It always looks great together while giving your manicure a stylish overall appearance. same as nails transparent black design.

  1. Go all out

In this long coffin nails give you great surface experiments. Each one of your nails special giving your own ideas for design. Glitter, 3D accessories drawings use all these the outcome of results is exceeding all expectations.


  1. Delicate pink   Delicate pink is the color of women choice. It can be a great addition to a business suit or prom dress. In order to diversify your simple pink nails and give golden glitter.
  2. Pink and caviar    Pink and caviar nails are a win-win choice for any woman. But their desire is how to make her pink coffin nails look special. We suggest using 3D caviar nail polish on one of the nails.
  3. Gleaming lacquer     It is a great idea for short ballerina nails. They will make a dark Impression at first but you see once closer look at the time you amazed by the great variety of colours related varnish offers.
  4. Crystal clear  Clear nail polish is seen as you like but when you mixed with white it can offer some of the designs so you start with a simple white net design. Choose nails for painting with clear nail polish in that to draw white net on top. Then you choose in future more complicated patterns.
  5. Dazzling white  These diversifies you coffin nails with a cote of crystals on the tips. Its advice is simple but making this designs on nails its glomming up some rhinestone.
  6. Black and silver These designs are favored by girls who are starting their nail art. Alternate black and silver colors on your nails in this paint simple black lines on the surface.
  7. Line design This is used to draw the designing in lines. Using this types of groups you can do it you nails real looking. First, start with simple straight lines after going triangles.
  8. Watching eye  You can design black nails among the red manicure it is special to adding “eye” in this leave a clear line in the middle of the black nails and the outline beads and draws pupil in the middle and you can do without pupil as your wishes.
  9. Black gold      I design black nails if you don’t want to very dark so smart option is to mix the gold design in that one.Black and gold look very stylish designs are 3D.Not overdo the gold.


  1. Subtle glitter

Coffin nails are great if use pink and related colors used adding some extra glitter to a couple of nails it will help them make impressive.

  1. Old Navy

Old navy style implies in this use alternating white and blue colors.start with blue and mix blue and white colors paint fingers dazzling white varnish use caviar nail polish.

  • 29.Triangular fun

Black coffin nails will look good with a triangle in can design using nail old days you never have done once ask professionals to show that design way.

  • 30 Sky blue

Sky blue is great design any nail find right shade your nail will look very impressive no additional designs.

  • 31 Black shimmer

Black coffin nails are the classic this is one of the chances for showing their talent in nail art design in this black nail polish apply with white then the results will good and you happy for that.

  • 32 Large rhinestones

Some once their nails will long at the time use large rhinestones without overdoing the design.large accessories in this use light colors so good

  • 33 Aquamarine impression

These type of nails are wonderful color any type of nails except one paint that nails pink and some crystals.

  • 34 Sparkling art

Its using simple white coffin nails look good a couple of nails will be enough.

  • 35 Yellow chicken

In this using yellow with white and pink dots to mix chicken masterpiece.

  • 36 Spring Meadow

Spring designs look amazing in this use light blue and pink colors and flower designs with coffin nails not apply too much.

  • 37 Cat’s eye

It is myriad of colors this use in crow special look more appear you ask your special nail designer to design this fingers for the occasion.

38 Match your accessories

This designs clothing related its a great idea.take a look your accessories and design it related colors

  • 39 Fireworks

It is one type of designs crowd of people you are special this apper.

  • 40 Wedding nails

You choose your best wedding nails design that one usually they select pink after going on silver glitter and crystal stickers.

41 Coraadditional

These are the using large 3D flowers alternative clear varnish add glitter to make manicure look more fantastic.

  1. Glossy nature

if you are interested natural nails so you can experiment with such glossy colors pink and beige and also add some gold or silver lines and crystals use manicure just a little.

  1. Matte green

Girls who are daring sport green coffin nails shine with matte green nail polish longer nails more impressive?

  • 44 Lipstick red

Your nails and lipstick is a win-win choice use red and glittery makeup will look amazing that occasion all are looking your side nails bright red nails and glittery tips.

  • 45 The greener the better

it also makes good impression glossy green nail polish alternating with marble designs.

  • 46 Long and pink

long and simple it’s looking good and something special yourself selects simple and delicate colors.

  • 47 Canonic black

This designs every girl must use you can use some blackness use glitters.

  • 48 Jewel nails

Demands and girls are the best friends always they like these type of designs.

  • 49 Double line

this design will look classic any nail polish adding gold its looks better gold in tips.

  • 50 Mismatch

It is completely different one nail and another nail and ad some crystals.

  • 51 snow white

In this white with glitter, it’s looking great and natural

  • 52 Chile flag

these types of nails always popular and the colors yellow and blue so best design this one.

  • 53 Leafs and stripes

In this nails strip design the leaves and some decent colors

  • 54 Complicated color mixes

you can use 4 or 5 colors and design variety of designs in this

  • 55 Pretty bows

these are french manicure its showing wonderful.

  • 56 Darker shades

Brown colors are hard to impress bold women are affirmed experminent.

  • 57 Pattern mix

In this Stripes, flowers, polka dot, rhinestones all are used so different patterns

  • 58 Blinding manicure

In this use glitter and the nice looking impression will be unbelievable.

  • 59 Girlish sweetness

The images show girlish and airy-fairy. Violet and some of the flowers also in that one.

  • 60 Gray courage

having gray nails in that use crystals, glitter or rhinestones its looking good.

  • 61 White and simple

Its looking good simple one use need designs

  • 62 Violet shades

violet shades are glisters and colors use mixed

  • 63 The real deal

this is caffein nail designs dark ivory nail polish without any designs.

  • 64 A tea set

T set nails are the looks good such nails look delicate yet impressive.

  • 65 Black French

Black French manicure looks better especially impressed

  • 66 Cleopatra nails

Queen of Egypt wants to mix those colors with the block.

  • 67 Disco nails

These nails are pink and glitter colors ‘disco” your nails will look

  • 68 Party manicureCoffin Nail Designs

if you look queen in the occasion you design it and don’t do over simple pink and gold use.

  • Coffin nails are many different types of designs available. It is a like occasion we hope these nail designs inspired master complicated nail art. A nail stylist can always do the better designs for you.