You Must Try this Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art Tutorial

You must try this Mesmerizing a Quarium nail art tutorial

It looks really bad when you have adored yourself from top to toe and nails are still blank. Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art .Do you ever miss having those nails that exhibit enchanting arts? Tired of that boring nail polish mashups?

Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail

So let’s try out the mesmerizing aquarium nail art tutorial that is wonderful and easy to do. The easy designing over your nails can revitalize that ordinary look for the special event. The cool thing about aquarium nail art is that a simple design coupled with few stones, gems, and sparkles are going to fetch that extravagant or artwork look.

So let’s get started with a successful aquarium based nail art

Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art

Step 1:

Shape Up your nails

Make sure you have a clear and buff up the ages of your nails by a nice filer. Shape the nail and keep the length long so that maximum detailing is possible.

Step 2:

Add artificial nail

After you are finally done with shipping your nails, fit in a clear trip over the nail surface using an acrylic. Make sure to seal the edges and avoid any leakages that get can make the nail art look dirty. Also, make sure that you leave some space between the best nail and the second nail to get the water effect.

Step 3:

Add glitters

Step 3 includes adding up of the glitters in-between real and artificial nails. Choose your favorite sparkle color and avoid filling up the entire tag with glitters. Your glitter should not be excessively heavy.

Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art

Step 4

Add water

Grab a syringe and fill up the gap with some water. You can also give the same effect by injecting Baby Oil all mixing both oil and water together. Do not fill up the entire nail as you need to give some space for the letter to move around.

Step 5:

Seal up the acrylic tips

Fill in the remaining opened edges with the acrylic and wait until it completely dries up. Gently Buff the nail to even out the bumps if any. After you are done with everything brush of the excessive particles and sanitize your nails by rubbing some alcohol.

Step 6

Glam it up

At some crystals and rhinestones over the nail surface with the help of nail glue. Make sure you properly take them up so that they don’t fall that quickly.

Step 7 

Add gel glaze

The gel Glaze finalizes the look of the aquarium nail art. Get the Pristine nail art by doing them properly with the right tools.

No matter whether you are going to an aquarium, French tip, gel manicure or something another kind of nail art, the main thing is to keep your nails absolutely clean and properly filed to get the best effect. Alternatively, you can go for Artificial Nails and application of base coat before commencing up with the designing. Bobby pins and pointed objects play the best part in adding preciseness in the art done.