Best Crackle Nails

Crackle Nails is a nail polish trend that cropped in 2012. Crackle nail polish shrinks as it dries, which gives it a shattered. While it applied to a top coat of colored nail polish, it appears to shrink, cracks and reveal the layer of nail polish underneath. If the cracked layer color is different than

Christmas Nail Art Designs

Christmas Nail Art Designs: This is the Christmas season to thirst-quencher and is joyous, bother and be cheerful, and Christmas-iffy your home and yourself. Organizing your clothing for your Christmas feast (or lunch) to competition the customary red and green colors may appear a bit on the excessively side – unquestionable, it’s attractive for kids,

How To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home

How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home: Acrylic nails enhance beauty to any one’s hands, nonetheless, they are luxurious when it comes to its removal procedure salon professional’s charges a hefty price for this. Here the worthy news is you can How To Remove Acrylic Nails at Home speedily without expensively spending amount. Primarily, you


WHAT ARE SOLAR NAILS? BEST SOLAR NAILS A to Z GUIDE: Solar Nails simply an old brand of acrylic nails which are made by CND (Creative Nail Design) back in the early era of Artificial nails. No matter whatever they call Simply, Liquid + powder=acrylic. Solar nails are commonly said to be cheaper, stronger and long

How To Remove Fake Nails

How To Remove Fake Nails: There are many diverse ways you can take out your Fake nails at home with slight discomfort or no discomfort at all. It is very tranquil to get rid of your nails in less than 30 minutes at household. We tried all three of the procedures itemized below, and they


Pink and White Nails: Solar Pink and White Nails are artificial nails, also known as French nails that are similar in look and appearance to Acrylic nails. These nails also known as French Tips since its a simple nail enhancement style consisting of white tips on a pink nail base (French Manicure). This enhancement can