How to Remove Gel Nail Polish | Nail Design Tutorial

As we all know that applying nail polish for an occasion has become one of the common things among the youngsters. When it comes to professional stuff, you need to Remove Gel Nail Polish. Also, it is an important thing for the people to follow up.

But somehow, it is hard to remove the nail polish from your nail unless you are a DIY enthusiast. However, you can easily remove it as per the instruction without making any difficulties and without visiting any salon to remove them off from the nail.How to Remove Gel Nail Polish | Nail Design Tutorial

To remove that nail polish, most of the people will spend a large amount for a salon to remove. But here we are coming with the simple technique to remove polish from your nail by just using the items from your home. Hope it will be helpful for all the people that who all are seeking for a long time to make use of it.

Essential things to follow Remove Gel Nail Polish 

Whenever you are ready to remove the gel nail polish, you should not scrape at any situation. If it is done, surely you will see that how your nail gets ruined. However, there are many salons help to remove nail polish safely, but they will do for pay. Some of the salons do this simple work for high pay. All you just need to keep it in mind that not to spend for removing nail polish. With the help of household products, you can remove it easily. To remove this, you need to carry a nail file, foil, cotton balls, cuticle pusher and pure acetone.

Steps to follow

First of all, you need to file the top of your nails by using the nail file which helps to soak acetone on your gel quicker. One must know that buffing the nail polish is a kind of messy part for the people as it needs a lot of patience.

Steep nails with acetone:

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish | Nail Design Tutorial

Now, you need to steep a cotton ball and place it on your nail. Once it is done, you can now wrap your nails with the help of foil strip. You should check out that the foil has covered your fingertip completely. Now, you need to repeat the same stuff with the rest of fingertips.

Wait for few minutes:

When it comes to this step, you need to maintain your patience level for at least 15 to 20 minutes. It will help you to remove your polish easily. But one should keep it in mind that it shouldn’t be on your fingertip for more minutes. Yes, it will lead to burn your skin.

Ready to remove:

After the scheduled time is done, you are now ready to remove the cotton ball along with foil. At this condition, you could see that your nail polish has become enough smoother to scrape with the help of cuticle pusher.

Remove Gel Nail Polish

Clean your nails:


Once the above process is done, you can wash your hands with the help of soapy water. After completing it, you can encourage your nails by applying oil. Finally, you are now ready with the cleaned up nails.

Final Words:

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