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The Silk rock nails very thin vinyl sheets that shear and it is heat activated to the complying to your nails for a long time and it gives very attracting to the nails these are manufactured with the durable materials and it can live for at most four weeks on toes and two or three weeks on fingernails.

Silk rock nails (wrap)

The applications for the silk rock nails are:

The main role of the nails wraps is there are no-hassle application and removal of the nails.

Either your nails are healthy or strong your nails it should give you the advantage that if your nails are with the silk materials so you have applied the nails it consists of several different types of the elements.

It can cover the original nails and it protects the original nails without any damages.

Removal of the silk rock nails:

The silk rock nails are very important so that you should be very careful while removing the nails

If you are not aware of that please consult the spa to remove that or any nail technician.

It will take time to remove you should be very patient while removing that so better to remove it in the spa.

Silk rock nails (wrap)

How to assign the silk rock nails:

These can apply only on the clean and the nail should be free from the dirt if once your nails are flawless then it is buffed to smoothness.

It is very comfortable to your nails it can cut according to the fitness to your nails.

Attach properly to the real nail.

The upper part of the surface is covered with the resin to protect your original nails.

If your nails are in the exact and perfect position and dust which appears in your nails is removed and after the nail should be moisturized.

It is very good to clean your nails with the water to remove the excess junk materials which are attached to your nails.

The material glassy sealant is applied to the top of the secure the silk and provide the high-glossy finish.

Silk rock nails (wrap)

The description of the silk wrap nails:

This is the best choice for the wrapping the nails if the nails are naturally weak, cracked and brittle or else it will damage the main motto of these are to strengthen the nails and once if you applied to that it looks like the gorgeous at the finishing time it is very clean and attractive you have to apply by using the sealant once the sealant is dried then remove it from the nails.

These are very stylish and personal blog everyone doesn’t like painting on their own nails so they prefer the blog the nails by the silk wrappers.

It is very easy to wrap the nail but very difficult to remove it if you have done a mistake will wrap the nail it will cause to damage to your nails.

Silk rock nails (wrap)

If once you try the silk nails you will never leave it because of it too attractive and long lasting nails.

You have to sand down the nails so that silk is adhering to the nails.

Drill the nails to free from the desk then the silk nails are gives a very attractive and shining to the nails.normally if you observe the nails you can see the faint ridges on the nails but after applying the silk nails you can see the smooth and powdery looking nails. So almost all the people prefer the silk wrap nails.

Final words:

Hope so you are very well known for these, if you want any kind of information just go through the below links to get the full information about the solar nails.