Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial Perfect for Parties

No matter whether it is a dress, pair of shoes or nails, rhinestones bring next level vividness to everything. The gorgeous rhinestones look best when they are properly manicured over the nails. Just with a perfect rhinestone nail art done, you don’t need any other embellishments on your hands.

You can literally create hundreds of different nail art looks with the help of rhinestones and few other tools. The super glamorous rhinestones are available in several shapes, colors, and sizes. Instead of buying used rhinestones, make sure you go for the stick-on ones.

Rhinestone Nail Art

Rhinestones give you a perfect look with minimal efforts. Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend and since rhinestone resembled diamonds, they definitely look undeniably enticing and captivating.

Several people have favoritism for white or pink rhinestones, but I would suggest you not to feel Biased with the particular color as the nail art done should match with your evening gown or party dress. You can even carry the rhinestone nail art look for wedding parties. Let’s know how to do it through this tutorial –

Rhinestone Nail Art

Steps 1

Rhinestone Nail Art

so here comes the ritual step of using the base coat. If you are going for designing acrylic nails, a base coat is something that you just cannot avoid to do.

Step 2

glitter showers –

since you have applied the best nail polish well, it’s time to dab your nails in a silver glitter. Make sure you apply a generous amount of it.

Step 3

blackouts: –

so you are finally ready to bring by applying the amazing rhinestones. Then you should hold the Q- tip of your nails and paste the crystals on the top coat. Don’t forget the thumb and the ring fingers. Later on, you can clear the remaining nail polish with the help of an Acetone based cleaner.

Steps 4

V French tip: –

since you are done with one nail of applying the base coat and nail polish, you can do two nails for completing the process. Now, you must apply the top coat on all your nails and create a v French tip. Make sure that every nail is evenly painted and is proportional to one another.

Step 5

crystals -tip:-

soon after the V French tip is executed, dab some top coat on the main surface and add one crystal to each nail. After you have completed this with one nail, make sure you do the same with other remaining nails. At last, you can add different patterns to get that super-duper look.

Rhinestone Nail Art

No matter whether you are wearing a red, pink or black dress, a white rhinestone nail art is a superb thing to be done. You can purchase whole new packets of rhinestone nail art kits having different colors, design, and patterns online at gleaming discounts. The rhinestone nail art is really easy than what it appears. Once you give it a try, you would definitely do it every time for your parties.

Final Words:

Tips simple so that you can tell a lot of people Technicians suggest that regular moisturizing and application of cuticle oil will help in hydrating the nails as it grows out and makes pretty. Till there are lots other factors that can affect Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial Perfect for Parties from doing housework without wearing gloves to nails.