Shellac nails Vs Gel nails-Difference and Comparison

Shellac nails Vs Gel nails


The most of the people refer the shellac nail polish because it is the product which has the half regular nail polish and it is applied with the two colour coats and the top coat.


Gel polish is used to extend the popularity of the gel manicures it can be done only by the professionals and it last long for the two or three weeks with the high shining, chipping, peeling and no cracks on the nail.

Shellac nails vs Gel nails:

The comparison of the shellac and gel are:

The shellac and gel both are the artificial nail enhancements the process of the shellac it is also called as the “power polish” which is polish cured and the original long wear polish it lasts a long time.


The process for the gel polish is long leave nail polish under the lamp.


The appearance of both the shellac and gel are the natural, glossy and freshly manicured for up to 14 days.


The prize of the shellac and the gel polish are the 25 to 50 dollars if you begin with the manicure then it costs additionally 50%.


Shellac nails removal at home:

The shellac nails removal is recommended by only the professionals first you have to soak the nails in the acetone for the 8 t0 10 minutes and then wrap them with the cuticle CND will remove the wraps so that fingers don’t soak into the water.

Gel removals at home:

The gel nails removals are also recommended by the professionals first you have to remove the nail polish shining with the file or nail cutter tool after that soak the nail in the acetone and then scrap the nail with the cuticle and get secure with the aluminium foil.


The durability of both the shellac and the gel are the up to the 14 days.


The application for the shellac:

Shellac is recommended by the salon manicure it doesn’t require the roughening the nail bed.

The application for the gel:

Gel are recommended by the salon manicure it requires the roughening the nail bed.

Incisive effect:

The incisive effect on the shellac if the nails are dry from the acetone the nails will not be weak and thin as the gel nails.

The incisive effect on the gel it can be applied without the base or the primer if the primer is applied correctly it will not damage the nail beds.

Later effects:

The shellac nails should be weak and thin if it is dry with the acetone.

The gel nails are applied without the primer if the primer is used incorrectly it will cause damage to the nail and then sometimes it will cause to the fungal effect.


The range of the shellac nails are 61 colours.

The range of the gel nails are three types they are GELISH which contains 141 colours and OPI which contains colours or and finally ESSIE which contains 36 colours.


The flexibility of the shellac nails are not that much of flexible as natural nails but it is similar to the gel nails.

The flexibility of the gel nails are more flexible than the acrylic nails but not as much as the natural nails.

final words:

you can get the detail information about the shellac and gel nails thank you so much for reading my article if you want the more details about the nails visit the official website

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