Awesome Silk Nails

silk wrap nails

 What are Silk Nails?

Hi, friends! Feeling worried that your nails are naturally weak, brittle or damaged. Here I got a solution for you i.e.; Silk nails which add strength and length to your brittle nails.

Silk nails, as the name itself, says that a silk fabric is wrapped around the nail to make it more durable. Nail glue is applied all over it to hold it in place before the nails are being filed and painted.

These are one of the nail reinforcement techniques for damaged nails made from Synthetic silk or fiberglass material. Whether your nails healthy or strong, silk nails make them look healthier gorgeous and attractive.

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How to apply for a silk wrap extension?

The treatment for silk wrap nails essentially involves the following process.

  1. Wash and dry your hands completely and sanitize the hands using hand sanitizer spray.
  2. Clip your nails and use a 180 grit nail filer.
  3. File each nail from side to side and brush off remaining nail dust.
  4. Choose the correct nail tip sizes and make sure that the tip is not too tight.
  5. Adjust the nail tips by filing the sides to fit the natural nail.
  6. Dust off nail tip dust.
  7. Cosmetic sponges come in handy for cleaning. Careful not cut yourself, please cut the sponge safely.
  8. 91% alcohol is used within the pump container.
  9. The cosmetic sponge is used to wrap nails with alcohol.
  10. Buff nails gently to remove moisture, brush off nails to remove dust.
  11. Apply nail dehydrator to dry up the nails (nail dehydrator).
  12. Apply the primer for better adhesion; avoid cuticle area (no-burn primer).
  13. Apply a thin layer of nail glue oil to the nail (Nail brush glue).
  14. Spread the glue lightly with the tip.
  15. Careful the glue may irritate the eyes.

Silk Wrap Nails

       Don’t worry though it’s a big process. To get gorgeous silk nails it takes time.

Next, continue the following steps.

Awesome Silk Nails

  1. Place the nail tip firmly onto the natural nail
  2. Make sure there are no air bubbles between the nail tip and natural nail to avoid fungus from forming.
  3. Lightly apply nail glue on the well of the nail tip.
  4. Now lightly filing the nail tip to blend with the natural nail using a 3000 RPM electric nail driller.
  5. Emery board may be used to blend the tips as well.
  6. Now buff off the natural nail tip including the nail tip.
  7. Use a nail cutter to conveniently cut the nail tip.
  8. Choose the desired length of silk and clip off (silk wrap self-adhesive).
  9. With a pair of small scissors carefully clips the silk to desired nail shape.
  10. Slowly apply the silk over the nail to keep in a place.
  11. Then smooth out the nail to prevent any air bubbles.
  12. Apply the nail gel resin and the Nail Gel Activator that dries nail gel in seconds.
  13. Fully buff all nails and a 220/280 O.P.I buffer is used for super smoothness.
  14. Now, these nails are wiped clean with 91% of alcohol.
  15. Now start manicuring.

Silk Nails

What makes silk nails different?

Gorgeous Silk Nails

  • Looks more realistic and natural.
  • Kinder, gentler option than Acrylic nails.
  • Lighter and delicate.
  • Less expensive

The cost of Silk Nails:

      The cost of silk wrap nails depends on the saloon and the place you live. If there are more salons in your area, lower the price and vice versa due to competition. $25 to $50 is a good estimation but it may be up to or more than $100 in some expensive cities like Newyork.

Before choosing a saloon makes sure that it maintains good hygienic standards and manicurists have a lot of experience with silk wraps extension. If you can do it yourself then silk wrap kits are available for as little as $4. Never do experiments if you are not good at it. Better leave them for manicurists.


     However silk nails make your nails to look gorgeous even though your nails are brittle and last for two weeks and you can remove it your home which saves time and money.