Shocking Truth For Solar Nails All You Need To Know About It

Solar Nails All You Need to Know About ItCreative nails design (CND) done a product which is called as an acrylic product which is called radical solar nail. The acrylic not getting the product from CND and they accomplishing the product by applying to their nails called as “Methyl Methacrylate”. Another name as MMA which is known to people. Radical Solar Nail is a brand of ACRYLIC. Solar nails are in the formula of powder and liquid form which are painted over the top of solar nails. These are the plastic nails which are glued from the basis to the tip of your natural nails.

Solar Nails All You Need to Know About It


Solar Nails All You Need to Know About It


Coming to the thickness of solar nails the edge of the solar nails should be thick. Compare to your natural nails solar nails are 10 times more thickness.


The length of solar nails is based your wish. The extension past based on the root to the tip of your finger. If you wish shorter they can cut the white plastic tips.

Solar Nails Weight:

The next important thing is weight; they will notice that if the solar nails are heavier than natural nails takes a day to ride out that infuriating time period. After completion of your nails isn’t matter how great you have done wash your nails with the different soaps and brush in the salon. You will have filtrate your fingers. You will get it off with the extra washing, a pumice stone. Sometimes if you see the underside your nails you may observe the white plastic tip or may not be.

The major thing is you have to take care of the fake nails due to germs and dirt surrounding of you, sometimes it may make dirty and in worst cases may be fungus-ridden. Everyone likes to keep their nails clean by scrubbing daily with the brush.

Interesting Things about Solar Nails:

The things which are very attracting people towards solar nails are:

  • Whenever we have to go parties we need to visit parlor to have polish on your nails, some may get confused whether it will spoil your natural nails or not? The solution of that is solar nails.
  • Solar nails are in different colored polishes. You will keep it on your nails to get a beauty of your nails.
  • Solar nails will get a loyalty to women’s nails.
  • Solar nails are available with low cost and efficient.
  • It may not discolor up to three or more weeks.
  • It has one more advantage is you can apply solar nails at your hole by taking help of your sister/friend.
  • It’s should be very soft on your natural nails.

Almost every girl prefer with low cost and efficient nails to their fingers. Because well-groomed nails and nails color add beauty, character, individuality ad confidence. Not the matter of whether it is a solar nails procedure or an artificial nails method. Moreover, we have discussed solar nails now we can discuss acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nails:

Acrylic nails are also known as artificial nails. Artificial nails are an extension of natural nails, not a replacement, which will coverings placed on fingernails as fashion trimmings. These are made of a variety of materials. You can suggest up to two weeks. You can approach in two ways as forms and tips. Artificial nails are glued o the end of the natural nails. Tips are made of lightweight plastic materials which are made of “nail” shaped. You have the choice of liquid or powder form envelop the nail. Tips are available in different designs and colors.

Everyone will prefer popular material called as “Polymethyl Methacrylate Acrylics” which is a mixture of a liquid of monomer and polymer powder. The mixture hardens within 20-30sec. the acrylic nails have another material which is called “UV Top Coat”.

Acrylic Versus Solar Nails:

Acrylic nails and solar nails are almost same in characteristics and composition. But some of them are not aware of it. As we discussed earlier solar nails are the product of acrylic nails. Now it was famous as solar nails. The solar nails format in the colors of pink and white.


At the conclusion, discussing removal of solar nails, they can fall off after three weeks or may fall earlier. Solar nails don’t injure and damage to natural nails. After applying to solar nails your natural nail may become weaker. However, be prepared to crack in your natural nail and deals about a week’s worth of flaking.