Solar Nails the All New Range of Artificial Nails

What are Solar Nails:

Solar nails the all new range of artificial nails is an ideal option for women who love long nails. But they contain short nails, these persons prefer to use Artificial nails. It gives natural look as real long nails. The Solar Nail is a product called as Creative Nail Design.  It is created with proper FDA approved Ethyl Methacrylate.

Solar Nails has been used in the nail industry for many years. The solar nail is the best choice of professional reputable nail technicians. Radical Solar Nail is a brand of “Acrylic nails: Acrylic Nail is the mixture of powder and liquid with polymerizing as it dries to create tough coating”. Solar nails are used as an alternative to standard Acrylic nails. Solar Nails have different names for their Acrylic and Gel product. The radical solar nail is a powder and liquid system, an Acrylic product made by Creative Nail Design (CND). Acrylic nails can turn hard as they come in contact with air which is perfect to apply nail paint.

Attractive Solar Nails

The advantages of solar nails are that it gives a beautiful look to your nails. Instead of painting nail polish, you can get your favorite design which is relaxing to spend a day in a spa. And there is no need to use Nail polish, Remover, and Clear Coats.

The main disadvantage of a solar Nail is that it is pricey and it can make your nail sore.

Solar nails the all new range of artificial nails:

  • The Nature of Solar Nail is fake nail enhancement.
  • It has a Glossy, Natural and freshly manicured look for almost two weeks.
  • Solar nails are easy to apply without primer or base. If you want to use primer, you can apply it correctly and avoid damage to your nail beds.
  • It offers instant curing and most of these require UV ray for curing and some require gel activator.
  • After using solar nails it effect as it will be free from hard impressions because of no use of the primer. Overuse of primer may damage your nail beds and leave patches on your nails. Extended contact with the liquid can cause fungal infection.Solar nails the all new range of artificial nails
  • Solar nails are flexible than Acrylic nails, but not as natural nails.
  • The range of Solar Nails are Galosh: 141, Shades OPI: 71, Essie: 36 shades.
  • The method of the solar nail is considered as beneficial because there is no chance of accidental damage and ripping the natural nails.
  • Solar nails are long lasting and durable due to the French-tip design is formed with the use of colorful acrylic products and the French-tips are painted by using nail polish over acrylic extensions.
  • The buff of the solar nail will not fade away and sparkle stays longer and it gives natural look to your nail.


    Solar Nail Vs Acrylic Nails:

  • Solar Nails can directly apply to the nails, where Acrylic nails need a fake extension.
  • There is no chance to damage or ripping of natural nails in Solar Nails. But applying synthetic products to the natural nails can increase the likelihood of damage and dehydration of nail beds.
  • Acrylic Nails needs to refill almost in two weeks and the solar nails don’t require any refilling for near about three weeks.
  • The Solar Nails don’t become yellow or fade as it treated with bulbs of the tanning bed, where the acrylic nails can change their color as it treated with stimuli.
  • These are long-lasting and durable because it is formed with the use of colorful acrylic products by French tip design.
  • Solar Nails are available only in French tips which are the major downside. Where Natural and Acrylic nails can be painted in numerous pattern and colors.
  • If you want to appear your nails more glossy and shiny on Acrylic nails then you need an additional coat of nail polish. This coat also may fade along with time. But Solar nails never fades away and its sparkle stays longer and gives a natural look to nails.

The better option for a safety of your nails is solar nails, Solar nails the all new range of artificial nails are expensive but it keeps your nails safe and natural nail beds. If you buy solar nails once then there is no need to invest money on paint colors, remover, and other products. It is very easy to apply and safe to break and crack the nails. The color does not change even under the sun.