Pink and White Nails:

Solar Pink and White Nails are artificial nails, also known as French nails that are similar in look and appearance to Acrylic nails. These nails also known as French Tips since its a simple nail enhancement style consisting of white tips on a pink nail base (French Manicure). This enhancement can be done quickly and easily with Gel or Acrylic.

natural solar nails


Achieve Pink and White Gel Nails

To get Pink and White Nails, The following Steps can be superseded:

  • Prepare your Nails:

Clean your real nails and nail plate must be prepared. Next prepare your nails by filing them into shape and blonde them. Ensure cleaning until gel polish sticks.

  • Apply base coat:

A pink base coat of gel nail polish is applied on the nail and then cures it for 10 to 30 seconds under a 36-watt ultraviolet nail lamp or a 12-watt lamp. We can apply multiple coats in the base color but cure each and every coat under the lamp.

  • Apply the White tip:

The Whitetip portion of the French nail is painted with the assistance of a manicurist. We may use a guide to set out clean line. Cure the polish under the lamp and seal the manicure with a clear top coat of gel nail polish.

Revolution in the world of Fashion:

Pink and White nails are also known as  French nails or tips or French Manicure was first dubbed, created and popularized in 1975.When the founder and CEO of ORLY, Jeff Pink, had to come up with an artificial nail style that was hugely adaptable and could be used with any clothing item and style. Jeff Pink achieved this by creating pink and white nails.Jeff Pink visited a fashion runway show in Paris, models and fashion designers alike were dazzled by the style that in honor of them at that time.Later Jeff renamed it as The French Manicure, commonly known as Solar Pink and White Nails. Pink and White nails have become so popular as they aim to look natural, durable.


Pink and White nails-What are they exactly?

Despite its popularity, many people misunderstand what exactly pink and white nails are:

There is a strong delusion that French nails differ from Acrylic nails, gel or shellac nails and exactly they are in a class of their own. The reason Why they are named Pink and White nails is just that of their colors and nothing else.

Maintaining Your Solar Pink and White Nails:

Maintenance of Pink and white nails depends not only on the products you used during the application but also how you use your nails(Labour work, official work). Environmental factors also play a prominent role how long your nails last, how fast your nails grow and how do you use them. You can do this process for every two weeks or once in a month but this strictly depends on the conditions your nails exposed to.

Cost of Pink and White Nails

ACRYLIC NAILS             Price
Acrylic Full Set             $55+
Acrylic Full Set White Tips             $60+
Acrylic Fill-Ins             $30+
Acrylic Repairs               $5+
Drill Manicure
PINK & WHITE             Price
Pink & White Full Set             $65+
Pink & White Fill-Ins             $35+
Pink Fills Only             $3



  • Long lasting
  • Chip resistant
  • Don’t alter color when exposed to the light of tanning beds.
  • Lifespan about three weeks (last longer than an average artificial nail).
  • Flexible than Acrylic nails.
  • Free from hard impressions because of no use of a primer.
  • Durable and luxurious look.
  • Refined shape.

Final Words : 

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