Try This Cute Candy Cane Nails Tutorial To Match Your Holiday Look

Are you actually done with all your preparations for the event? There are few things which may appear insignificant but really make a huge impact when initiated. The Christmas socks, sweaters, Candy Cane Nails and eggnogs are really important when edified properly.

Cute Candy Cane Nails art

Christmas is a joyful occasion which one cannot forget to celebrate. The preparation for the Christmas evening begins at least a month before.

What is Cute Candy Cane Nails art?

The red and white compilations nails are just perfect for the holiday look during the Christmas time. They are much sober and you need to be planted amongst your family, friends, and relatives. They make you look into a true Christmas flowers and also showcase is your joy and enthusiasm for the occasion.

Cute Candy Cane Nails art

A Candy Cane Nails looks so jovial and mesmerizing no matter how you use it for designing. You can always put it on the Christmas tree as an ornament or give it to the small children as Candice. Alternatively, you can pamper your guests with candy cane snacks and decorate the entire home with candy cane decorative pieces. Additionally, you can initiate candy cane nail art with some awesome fluffy Christmas sweaters to exaggerate your look.

What all do you need for making Candy canes on your nails?

Step 1

The first step is to paint your nails using nice white nail paint. There should be solid white nail paint so that the Candy nail art looks like a real thing. Never forget to prep your nails with a base coat before beginning with any kind of nail art tutorial find the base coat helps your name to remain protected, Shiny and lustrous forever.

Step 2

Grab some Washi tape and place attender strip form on your nails for doing the candy cane nail art tutorial perfectly. That’s the best tool for this particular kind of nail art. Also, make sure that you have dried your white base nail paint is dry enough so that it doesn’t strip off the base nail paint.

Step 3

Strips: –

After making sure that the tape has been correctly placed all over your nail paint it with the red nail paint all over. Make sure that there are small gaps in between two tapes for perfectly finalizing the look of the Candy Cane Nails art.

Cute Candy Cane Nails art

Step 4

Reveal stripes: –

Peel off the tapes very carefully so that you can see the candy cane design finally.

Step 5Cute Candy Cane Nails art

Make them glossy: –

To lock the intricate design for a longer duration; make sure you apply a fast drying Coat of glossy nail paint over your nail art. Avoid smudging or repetitive application of nail paint. In case you want to add the second layer of transparent nail paint do it after the first Coat completely dries off. So at the end, you are all left with adorable nails that are Christmas ready and just perfect with whatever dress you are going to wear on the evening of 25th.

Final Words:

I hope all are like this article and I think it is useful for your nails designs if you need any information about nails designs comment in below comment section.