Try This Chic Matte Dark Floral Acrylic Nails

Try This Chic Matte Dark Floral Acrylic Nails

Most of the people go for floral designs to hype up the occasion at any time. However, it is not the design specially created for spring or autumn or any other seasons. It is highly common to apply among the youngsters. When it comes to this floral design, it will be attracting and gets the attention of the people. However, always trying the new stuff for every season will always be special and create more excitement. But the thing is you should need a lot of patience to hold to check your effort at the end.

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Simple to design

As we all know when it comes to some beautiful designs, it makes us don’t move further because of its beautiful designs and difficult in the making. But it is not true that you can’t make its design; actually, it is very simple to handle. People think that it needs to draw roses on nail individually, but it is not like that. With the help of pen and calligraphy, you can easily design your nail without any difficulties. This type of nail design will make you feel chic during the outcome.

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This current trending floral acrylic nails will prove you that it will suit for all the occasions. When coming to this design, it really needs tiny roses but it is simple to do. You can easily use decals by applying on your nail properly without making any difficulties. In this case, all you just need to follow the simple steps below. Hope it will be useful for all the people that who want to design this chic matte dark floral stuff.

Things to remember

First of all, you need to keep it in mind to use the required stuff to design your nail. Before getting into the designing of a nail, you need to carry dark floral decals, nail studs, pink gel for picking up studs, safety carbide drill bit, Essie matte top coat and others. If you are really looking for this design to create can follow below, hoe it will be helpful for you to go ahead.

Step 1:

Get ready with fake nail tips

At first, you should get ready with the fake nail tips and attach on nails which must be in the shape of a stiletto. Then you need to go for buffing tool and gradually file the nail to make over lowest setting. Now, you can dehydrate nails with alcohol once it is buffing and filing. After the process, you need to apply two coats of mails protein bond at few seconds.

Step 2:

Pasting acrylic

Now, you need to apply acrylic on the fake nail tape then get ready to add more thickness of bead on your stiletto shaped nails. Now clear acrylic if it is applied on your skin.

Step 3:

Applying Decals

One should check that acrylic dries; now get ready with the images of floral that you have chosen. It means you don’t need to go for individual roses to design on your nail. Now, stick it on nails by applying a base coat. At last, use acetone to clean if you found any excesses of decals on your nail.

Step 4:


Finally, you need to remove all the excess from decal by using acetone with the help of a brush. Now, you can apply dark plum polish on your rest of the nails and check out the outcome.

Final words:

I hope all are like this article if you have any doughts please comment in comment section.