Way Solar Nails are Better

Women who are passionate to artificial nails are amaze to discover of the solar nails with better benefits who are having perfect nails is always gives a priority to physical beauty they are several advantages which may not reach to other artificial nails. This article will give a best about the variety of the Way Solar Nails are Better. If you applied the solar nails it will not interrupt your natural nails you will get surprised if you applied the solar nails. There will be approximately 10 times thicker than your natural nails. It seems to be very glossy and shining too.

Way Solar Nails are Better

1. Refill:

This is first advantage of the solar nails in acrylic it is necessary you to replace the nails at the mid of the two weeks but in solar nails the refill is done for long time off period or after the three weeks this gives a better advantage and money saving when compared with the other nails. Solar nails are less in cost.

2. No issues at the time of tanning:

Don’t be tensed with the solar nails at the time of scanning regularly it doesn’t causes any damage to the nails this is one of the advantage but in artificial nails we have to go parlor to tan your nails and nails turns to yellow color while tanning regularly if the people loves in golden glow solar nails are the best to manicure.

3. Strength:

Desire to get the stronger and the long time nails will be getting by using the solar nails with the regular wearing of artificial nails will take precautions from damaging your nails but in the solar nails it will tough to break the nails or disfigure because solar nails are created with the top quality and sturdy so don’t worry about the breaking the nails and it takes less time to apply the solar nails.

4. why women choose solar nails rather than any other:

It has some advantages those are the color of the nails will not change even if you are in the sun light and very easy to apply and more convenient, it has two procedures that is one consists of the white portion and other pink acrylic application on the base of the nail but the procedure costs high than the other nails.

5. It is more imperishable and long lasting.

The solar are more durable and it lives for long period of the time because of the high quality materials used in the manufacturing of the solar nails and it will not break for more than two to three weeks but the several layers are used to strengthen the nails and base coating to provide.

6. Growing out:

After one week your nails will grow strong and faster there will be one line between your normal nails and solar nails. If you don’t go back to salon yourself take care about your solar nails when they get too long don’t tear it with nail cutters because you lose your bond between the solar nails and your original nails. Solar nails are so better that you don’t have to bother about the chips in the color.

7. The End of the solar nails:

After the three weeks your solar nails will tear off without noticing you but it will not damage to your natural nails at that time you can pry them off with the tip of the nail file if you are not cut with the nail file your natural nail will get week. So be alert to deal with about a week’s worth of flaking and cracking your natural nail.